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a really necessary comment by shim changmin / trans cr: TVXQSound

I think I referred Changmin as my brother, a member (of Tohoshinki) in the past… and also I said that he was like a partner that I married to… But now I think about him as an alternate version of me, myself. Some parts of him that I long for/adore… Changmin is completely different from me. His personality and habits are really different from mine. In these days, instead of treating him as a companion/partner, I want to say that he is mine. And… this is very difficult for me to explain… (laugh).. well, Yes, I want to make him mine.  -– Yunho talking about his relationship with Changmin 

 trans cr: boomjagalakaberiko0214

Tohoshinki, 28 and 26 respectively


There is a spot between Heechul and Yesung name, and if you use age order then that spot with no name but only message should be for Hangeng. 

 "I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^

— Ryeowook is so kind, although he did not write the name but he understand many people will find out.

me irl.

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now we know where he gets it from

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